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Hahoe is very important folk material.
It represents a traditional village of Korea.
There are a lot of famous things like
Mask dance- playing of the common people with masks
Samsindang great zelkova tree- It's 600 years old located in center of the village
Buyongdai- an observation platform(You can see whole village at once)
Andong zzimdak and Kangodeungoh- they are famous food in Andong.
Seokgogotaek is located at the center of Hahoemaul.
It is the traditional house.
It has been existing for 250 years now.
If you have some question,
Please call me at this number ---

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Transportation by car :
If you arrive at the Seoandong Tollgate from Youngdong Highway, it takes about 15 minutes.
You can follow the brown sign board "Hahoemaul" going to the exact place. 



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